Street of Stalingrad 4 Playtest Kit Kickstarter Stalls Out

The Streets of Stalingrad 4th edition Kickstarter launched a few weeks ago and I have been following it ever since. Let me be clear, this is NOT for the full monster game. That will launch on Kickstarter in September if they are holding to their schedule. This is for a play-test kit to get feedback about the rules changes. The kit will be professionally produces (no box) and is a way to buy into the “game” without buying the later full version.


Currently they have 10 days left on the campaign and they have hit the proverbial lull that most campaigns suffer from. They are less than 3K away from making the minimum goal. I am left to wonder, if they do make it, home many of these play-test backers will support the bigger and most assuredly more expensive full game when it launches. My concern is that most people are backing this play-test kit to get a taste for the game, but are not likely to back the next campaign. Why? The full game has a massive footprint that most gamers could never play the full game as it was meant to be played. Heck, even some of the small scenarios have a pretty sizable footprint too.

Still keeping a close eye on this one.

~ Modoc

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