’17 CoC Review Challenge

I have set a personal challenge to acquire, read and review every Call of Cthulhu related publication that is released or re-released in 2017. This page will serve a one-stop location to find where I am with this challenge and links to the reviews I have completed.

If you are a publisher or content creator and would like to help me out with this challenge by providing review copies or just letting me know of a title I have missed, please email me at rollingboxcarsblog@gmail.com.

January Releases:
The Arkham Gazette #1 (re-release) – A Look Under the Hood – Arkham Gazette #1

February Releases:

March Releases:
The Grand Grimoire of Cthulhu Mythos Magic (New Release) – 

April Releases:
Two-Headed Serpent (New Release) 

May Releases:
Harlem Unbound (New release) – Kickstarter
Hudson and Brand – Pre-ordered through Backerkit
— Not released as of Aug ’17

June Releases:
World War Cthulhu: Covert Actions (New Release)

July Releases:
The Star on the Shore (New release) – Backed on Kickstarter in Jan ’17
— Review currently being written
Fear’s Sharp Little Needles (New Release) – Backed on Kickstarter in Feb ’17
— Not released as of Aug ’17

August Releases:

September Releases:

October Releases:

November Releases:

December Releases:

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