Take the 5 Game Challenge and be Part of the 8% Club

The beginning of every year is always filled with righteous goals and more times than not, they are so lofty that no reasonable person would be able to accomplish them. Well, I am no different from the rest of humanity. Just yesterday, I heard on Wallstreet Journal in the Morning Radio show that only about 8% of people who set New Year resolutions actually accomplish them. This year I plan to be part of the 8% club! I only set two goals for the new year. As a veteran, this is my year to provide aid and service to other veterans, this one should be a no brainer! My other goal is to try at least 5 new RPGs this year. This one might be tough, but I have a solution!

A gaming acquaintance of mine, Rishi, from RPG Geek proposed a contest of sorts and in doing so he challenged RPG Geek users to try at least 5 new RPGs during the course of the year and to track them here on this the Geeklist so that other users could be part of the support system. What a cool concept! I don’t care about the “fake” money called Geek Gold you can earn by winning or even participating. I just want to try new RPGs this year! I encourage everyone to get involved in this initiative, it’s free and a good way to get new (to you) games played or run.

Here are Rishi’s guidelines:

1) You can join this GeekList any time, but plays only count after you say you are participating in the challenge. If you join in mid-January and want to count a game from a week before, that’s no big deal. But I want to avoid the situation of someone joining the list much later in the year and backlogging all their plays since January.
2) A “play” is defined as either playing or GMing or participating in a GMless (or GMfull) game.
3) VoIP games count.
4) PBF games count as long as the game starts AFTER you post on the GeekList. The game must actually get off the ground for it to count (i.e. Not dying after a month.) I will trust your judgment on this one. It does not necessarily have to “complete” in 2014, though.
5) Playtests count.

For other corner cases, use your best judgment. If something is coming up a lot, let me know and I can make a clarification.

Well, Charleston, South Carolina is an RPG wasteland! Yes, I said that and damn do I mean it! If you don’t play Pathfinder or Pathfinder Society, Savage Worlds (which I do) or any of the other mainstream über popular RPGs you will have an extremely hard time getting anything else to the table. There are some many exciting and innovative RPGs out there, but the likelihood of them getting played in this area is slim, but not impossible. I will continue to try to bring new RPGs to the local community to show two things. One, there are other RPGs out there and two, I have 5 new games to try this year! Did I mention that I have a goal to meet?

Expecting to meet some resistance as I mentioned above, I do have a solution. Plan B, is to play or run these game by way of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) by using services like G+ Hangouts or Skype and Roll20. Going this route will give me the chance to play with people I would not otherwise ever have the chance to play with and to be able to try the new games that interest me.

First up, I am going to try to play some games at ConTessa, an online RPG gaming convention being held in cyberspace from 7-9 Feb 2014. Despite this weekend being a military duty weekend, I am going to try to get some games played Friday and Saturday night if possible. Following that, I have plans to play an as of yet unpublished Dark Ages Call of Cthulhu game in late February with the author. That one should be loads of fun.

So, will you take the 5 game challenge and be part of the 8% club?


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Cliff says:

    Hey Keith,
    I have a friend trying to get together a group to playtest an RPG he developed he lives in Jerusalem but trying to playtest via Google hangouts). Want me to pass on your contact details to him?


  2. modoc31 says:

    Cliff, please pass on my contact information. I will work to point him in some positive directions to aid in his quest. Your comment is pretty timely, wait until Monday for my article on play testing.


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