5 Game Challenge – What’s on my Play List

This year came in like a lion and the roaring is far from done! I have taken the 5 Game Challenge that was posted at RPG Geek seriously and I making strides to get some new games played or run this year. See my original blog post on the 5 Game Challenge here for all the details. What will follow is a list of the games I hope to try or run in 2014 and why the game appeals to me.

1. The Quiet Year – The concept of the game is what appeals to me. The players work semi-cooperatively together as “village elders” or “managers” to help the village recover after a post apocalyptic war. See my review of the game here.

2. Achtung! Cthulhu – Three Kings (using the PDQ rules) – Just picked this up at DriveThuRPG‘s New Year, New Game sale. I am intrigued with the Cthulhu mythos, but I have to admit I have never played an RPG game that was solidly rooted in the mythos. The WWII theme of this stand alone adventure is appealing as well.

3. Fate – I just purchased the Fate Core book and I am excited to see what all the buzz is about. I think what appeals most to me is the flexibility of the core rules to be adapted to just about any genre and setting. It seems like a good base from which to build fun long term games and short one-shots.

4. Lamentation of the Flame Princess – This old school clone strikes a chord with me! I love old school and retro clone systems, they take me back to my childhood and of great memories. What I like most about this particular clone is the Gothic horror theme. Most definitely not for the weak of heart.

5. The Extraordinary Adventures of Baron Munchausen – I own the latest printing of this classic party-type RPG game. Looks like a fun game to play over beers with some close friends. I like the idea of telling the biggest, but most believable, tall tale. This came to me as highly recommended by some trusted friends.

6. King Arthur’s Pendragon – I used to play the 4th edition of this game, but as I understand it the new 5.1 edition is much improved and could be considered a different game. I will have to read the book I just got in the DriveThuRPG‘s New Year, New Game sale to determine if this should be considered a different game. I am a history major and a lover of all things medieval so, naturally, the theme appeals to me on several levels.

7. Torchbearer – Backed the Kickstarter for this game. It is a derivative of the Mouse Guard RPG with a few new twists. The homage it pays to old  school games really appeals to me, but more so, I like the idea of the resource management and realism that it adds. I am looking forward to this one for sure.
I am sure opportunities will present themselves for me to play or run other games throughout the year. I am really looking forward to this challenge. 2014 is going to be a great RPG year for me! Will you join me?

~ Modoc

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