2014 Wargaming Goal

Imagine, 100 years ago, this year, Archduke Franz Ferdinand was assassinated and in the wake of his (and wife’s) death the world would be engulfed in war. The war, while not technically the first world war, would encompass many nation states and have long reaching repercussions. Some of which still impact us today.

I am avid wargamer and 2014 will be my year to focus on the WWI games in my collection. I have lots of interests in may historic periods, but WWI holds a special interest for. First and foremost, one of my great grandparents fought for the Canadians during the war. So, I have a connection there. Secondly, it was a war of innovation that as a history major really excites me. Seeing (through these games) the application of new technologies that really begin to take shape during this war is fascinating.

I plan to table some of these games this coming year. I hope they all see table time, but I know me and my schedule, so I will be happy with 50%.

– Der Weltkrieg Series: Western Front
– Der Weltkrieg Series: Eastern Front
– Der Weltkrieg Series: Italian Front
– Somme 1918 – Currently on the table for solo play
– Paths of Glory
– Pursuit of Glory
– Guns of August
– Clash of Giants I
– Clash of Giants II
– A Victory Complete
– Bloody April: 1917, The Air War Over Arras, France

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Chris Mata says:

    I consider myself a moderate wargamer and I have only heard of one of those. <—-wargamer fail.


  2. modoc31 says:

    I don’t know that I would call myself a hardcore wargamer. Who am I kidding…… Yes I am. I love this niche hobby. I enjoying learning about the wars and historic context of the wars and battles through playing the games and reading associated books.


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