Hate the Game and Not the Gamer

Why do gamers feel the need to bash someone on a personal level or at a minimum label them for not liking the same games they do? I have been thinking about this lately and it seems to me that there is a lot crap slinging directed at people and not at the games. Earlier this week I blogged about my dislike for Pathfinder Society’s (PFS) (The 800 lb. Gorilla – Pathfinder Society ) all-encompassing nature and the tactic employed by Paizo for more market share at conventions. Well, as luck would have it, my blog article was posted to reddit (I don’t use reddit) and there were some great comments and dialogue, but there were a few comments that were overtly personal and labeled me as a Pathfinder hater. While it might be true to some extent (see my previous article), I have played Pathfinder and think the system is fine; it’s just not for me.

In my article I did do some PFS bashing, but unlike most (not all) internet posters I backed up my comments with examples of what I have personally seen and what is undeniable fact. So, to label a person as a hater because they don’t like or agree that your favorite game(s) is the best in the world seems silly to me! I will admit to being a self labelled “game snob” as my gaming interests are rather narrow in their focus. While at the same time I don’t dislike other’s gaming interests. We should all be able to co-exist in harmony. I am a firm believer in hate the game, not the gamer!

~ Modoc

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