All Hands on Deck – ConTessa Looking for More GMs & Panels

ConTessa – The all women virtual convention…… Wait a minute….. Is it really only for women? Nope, but women play a huge part in bringing this event to the masses. So, here’s the deal with ConTessa.


ConTessa is organized by cadre of women gamers and geeks. The game masters are all women and the virtual panels are all hosted by women. That is awesome in and of itself, but just as awesome is the fact that the virtual convention is open to ALL gamers from all walks of life and gender. Next month will be there second convention and I hope to be able to get in a game or two.

In their own words:

ConTessa is a free 3-day completely online tabletop gaming convention run entirely by women, but open to all for games, panels, contests, demos, and more. ConTessa’s aim is to celebrate the many women who play, run, and create tabletop games by having a nonstop online gaming party. ConTessa runs from February 7th – 9th via Google Hangouts on Air, with contests and other preliminary events happening throughout January.

The folks running ConTessa need a little assistance, they are looking for more female gamemasters to run games next month. Let’s try to help them out. Pass this info on to all your female gamer friends. Ask them to consider running a game or two. They are also looking for some ladies with industry experience or gaming related experience to host some panels that will appeal to wide audience!

Some helpful information:

7-9 Feb 2014
Virtual Convention

G+ Community:

~ Modoc

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  1. shane00mail says:

    Tossing this up on my blog as well to help spread the word !


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