Machine of Death

I have been reading the book Machine of Death and it has me thinking. The premise of the short stories in the book is that machines will be able to predict the manner of a person’s death, but neither the place nor time of the death. Take for example if the machine predicted you would die by being buried alive, does it mean literally or thematically? Does it mean you will be swallowed up by the earth or buried alive and slowly suffocate in a mountain of children’s stuffed animals? That is but one example, but it got me thinking, what a fun premise for one shot RPG sessions. I must ponder this more…..

For those that don’t already know, Machine of Death is also a card based game that was brought to the market through a very successful Kickstarter campaign last year.

You can download the book, for free, from the publisher’s website here. I recommend everyone take the time to read just a little bit of the book and I would suspect you will find it compelling enough to finish it.

~ Modoc

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