Barrowmaze Complete Launches at Indiegogo

The other day on Facebook I saw post that got my heart pounding. A post by Greg Gillespie the author and creator of Barrowmaze created quite a buzz that evening. He posted that he had gone live with a new project on Indiegogo. The project was to combine his Barrowmaze I and Barrowmaze II books into one complete edition with expanded content and art by Otus Erol. Sweet shit I was excited! So, I headed right over to see what the pitch was and to see what it would cost to back the project at such a level as to get a physical copy.

The pitch presented is quite nice. The video he includes is well produced and a lot of fun to watch. The rest of the pitch is pretty standard with explanations of what the monies raised will be used for, who is doing the art and what stretch goals he has in mind should funding reach certain thresholds. The project has set certain monetary levels from which a backer can choose from. Looking these over, I quickly realized that the first level at which I could get a physical book, albeit hardcover, and the PDF was $80. To rich for my blood. I did ask Greg, on Facebook, about the pricing and he said contracting Otus Erol was costly and getting a new professional layout added to the cost. This was not to be a straight reprint. He also commented that if the project does not fund this combined complete edition will not see the light of day.

It would not be fair to Greg or the project if I did not put this into context. Barrowmaze II had a similar backer level for $65 and that  book was smaller and included a map. So, in that regard, maybe this is not over priced, but $80 is a hard pill to swallow.

I really hope this project is successful. The Barrowmaze adventures are great fun. I am currently playing a Barrowmaze game every other week through Roll20 and Google Hangouts. I just wish the price points he chose were a little more reasonable.

Greg Gillespie’s website

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