BROGFest is a Wrap!

This past weekend I ran BROGFest, a mutli-day gaming convention for wargamers. 40 wargamers descended on Charleston, SC to play some of the best board wargames out there. This year we featured lots of great events that were well received. This year we pressed and featured the 2nd Annual Battles of the American Revolution tournament. Game Designer Mark Miklos officiated the tournament. We had 11 participants play in the tournament. No bad considering that is 28% of the total attendance.

This year also featured several game designers who came to playtest new game designs! It’s great to see that there are game designers out there that respect and value the opinions of our attendees. What else? A metric crap load of games were played! It is amazing and mind boggling to see how many games 40 people can play over the course of four days. We had several guys that played Liberty Roads by Hexasim for 4 days straight. While others played one game after another. There were several “Hardcore” gamers that gamed until 5am each day. This year there oodles of large multi-player games like Virgin Queen and Twilight Imperium.

As always this event is fun to organize and a blast to attend. Want to consider coming in 2015? We would love to see more folks enjoying the games!

BROGFest 2015
22-25 January 2015
9280 University Blvd.
N. Charleston, SC
$85 per night (2 Queen or 1 King)
Hotel can call for Airport shuttles (avg $12-$14 per person)

~ Modoc

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