Painting Miniatures Thanks to Snowmegaddon

Living in South Carolina is unique and can be challenging in the winter months. Every few years we get an ice or snow storm that brings the region to a grinding halt. Well, the past few days have been one of those times. My organization decided it was best to not open on Tuesday and Wednesday and a late open today. While I have been sitting home I was able to at least do something moderately productive on the gaming front–painted some 15mm Gepids for De Bellis Antiquitatis (DBA).

Last June I was introduced to the game at RapierCon in Jacksonville, FL. my renewed interest was sparked at BROGFest this past weekend when I played two games of DBA.

Finishing off a few that had been started months ago.


Finished units.



I found that painting this army over the last two days to be rather therapeutic. Instead of wasting time watching TV coverage of the storm I was able to get something done I had been meaning to get back to.

The end result is I need only to finish the knights. Their mounts are already completed. I hope to finish them tonight after work. Then it is on to the bases.

~ Modoc


ps. The storm amounted to whole bunch of ice, no real measurable snow.

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