Let’s Talk Wargaming: Conversing with New Wargamers

Occasionally I am asked by new wargamers what’s my favorite game or what’s my favorite time period? I find myself answering the question in an obscure way. I learn towards identifying what games or series of games from each of the historical periods that I find fun, engaging and exciting to play. I know every person will have their own interests and thereby their own likes and dislikes, but this question helps to get new folks engaged in talking about history and gaming. It’s a good way to break the ice and it helps see what common interests I have with these new players. I have also found that many of the prople interested or possibly interested in entering the wargame genre are really interested in history. Their interest in history has often times leads to the topic of wargaming; occassionally leading to a game being laid out on the table. This is the beginning of their introduction to the genre and will likely lead to the questions posed above. I thought I would take a moment to list some of the games I mention to these folks.

Commands & Colors: Ancients
De Bellis Antiquitatis (DBS) [Miniatures games]

Feudal Japan:

Men of Iron Series (Men of Iron and Infidel)

American Colonial:
King Philip’s War

American Revolutionary War:
Battles of the American Revolution Series
Washington’s War

Clash of Giants
Clash of Giants II
A Victory Complete
Somme 1918
Der Weltkreig Series
Canvas Eagles [Miniatures games]
Guns of August

A Victory Lost
Combat Commander

Twilight Struggle
1960: The Making of the President

There are several time periods that I do not have an interest in and thusly they are not reflected in the list above.

On a related not, here’s a look at the games I own and want to get to the table in 2014. I know the following list is long and many of the games are monster or mini-monsters and it will take some commitment to play, but I am motivated to get some of these to the table so they will stop collecting dust! As a side note, I have found my gaming interests have refocused to wargames and RPGs over more traditional designer boardgames as of late. Look for reviews and my thoughts on many of these games and the other games I play this coming year.

1777: The Year of the Hangman
Baltic Gap
Brandywine (CoA)
Crown of Roses
The Dark Valley
Mr. Madison’s War
Paths of Glory (have played but need to re-evaluate)
Pursuit of Glory
Great Battles of History: SPQR Deluxe
Strike of the Eagle
Streets of Stalingrad
The Devil’s Cauldron
No Question of Surrender
Bloody April, 1917: Air War over Arras, France
First Battle of Britain: The Air War over England, 1917-1918
Wilderness War
The War: 1939-1945
La Bataille des Quatre Bras
Amateurs to Arms
Kingdoms of Heaven

See a game on my “want to play” list you, yourself, want to play? Let me know and we’ll arrange a vassal game that is convenient for both of us.

~ Modoc

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