Sign of Pagan – Not What You Think it is

I have been reading the rules to a new Richard Berg game titled Sign of the PaganThe game is published by Victory Point Games and is nice treatment of a classic battle, the Battle of Catalaunian Fields. As always Berg does a good job at presenting the rules in a readable fashion, but this time there is some whimsy in his writing. I think as he gets older he’s a little less uptight when it comes to his rules writing. I am looking forward to putting this game on the table in the coming week or so. I think this will be a good to play with my twelve year old. That is, if I can un-ass him from his video games long enough to sit and play a game with his old man. More to follow on that front!

Cover Art
Cover Art

Time will tell if the game itself is any good. I did get a chance to watch Richard and another gentleman playing it at BROGFest a few weeks back. The components are great and the feedback Richard’s opponent gave me was that the game plays solidly and was fun despite his losing position in the battle. If you have never seen Victory Point Game’s new laser cut counters, you really need too. They are really nice. Keep an eye out for my review of the game once I can get it to the table.

~ Modoc

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