Pendragon of the King Arthur Variety


Many years, in the days of my youth, I used to play an roleplaying game that I absolutely loved. This game was Pendragon by Chaosium. My friends and I spent many long hours playing the game and watching our squires mature into knights. In doing so they were tasked by the Lord of Salisbury to undertake many missions on his behalf and on the behalf of the King himself. These game sessions were so memorable that nearly 15 years later I recall many of the sessions and the good times associated with the game and my friends at the time.

Today, I am in contact with several of the guys I gamed with back then. Those that I have stayed in contact with over the years still game periodically, but we do not game together because of our geographical locations these days. Even VoIP gaming is hard to pull off more so because of schedules and families. Recently I purchased the newest edition of Pendragon, version 5.1, from during a recent sale they had. When I saw the book in the sale list, it was a no brainer decision for me. A few years back I sold off my robust Pendragon collection of books and now I have sellers remorse. On the upside, I have the newest edition, which by the way has been a fan-damn-tastic read so far. I even have some of the older supplemental books enroute to me. The beauty of the core system is that it is so adaptable; hence, I am able to use all the older material with little, if any, conversion needed.

 My aim at the present time is to make reading Pendragon a priority so that I can try to generate some interest locally to get this great game back on the table. With the game focusing heavily on the roleplaying aspect this may be another hard sell to many of the “modern” gamers that dot the local landscape here in old Chucktown. While other games that I have tried to bring to the table have been met with minimal success locally, I am holding out hope that Pendragon with its rich roleplaying experience and focus on generational character development will be a winning combination.

 If you like Arthurian legend or Medieval European history you owe it to yourself to have a look at Pendragon 5.1. The rules are well written and the game play is fantastic! It does require more roleplaying and less rollplaying when compared to other game systems, but the experience can be so rewarding. This game, while at its core is not a new game system for me, is however a new version and will qualify for the 2014 – 5 Game Challenge.

~ Modoc

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