A Hobby Unto Itself – Acquiring Old School Fantasy Products

Now that my new temporary promotion within my organization has settled down and reached some chaotic sense of normalcy, I have been able to refocus my energies on getting back to roleplaying. I have been enjoying the occasional Sunday morning dungeon romp through Google Hangouts and Roll20. So much so, that it was one of the causes that has remotivated me to begin acquiring more and more old school fantasy RPG products. I have been scouring Facebook and E-Bay and even some of the trading sites to finds books, modules and box sets I don’t already own. I can’t say that I have been bit by the collecting bug yet, but it is probably headed down that road. I have been trying to regain some of what I have lost, traded or sold off over of the years, but more importantly I am trying to motivate my 12yr old to embrace the RPG hobby. I am hoping that my new acquisitions with inspire him to want to play some games; more so than he already does.

 Here’s just a few of my recent acquisitions:
Monster Book: 0e Reloaded
Fiend Folio (first printing)
Stonehell Dungeon
Ruins of Myth Drannor
Legends and Lore
D&D Basic Red Box (Mentzer)
Eliminster’s Ecologies + both appendixes


~ Modoc


4 thoughts on “A Hobby Unto Itself – Acquiring Old School Fantasy Products

    • DM Glen

      I really wish we had a Half-Priced Books here in my neck of the woods. We do have local/regional store that is similiar in nature, but they never seem to have anything I am interested in.

      ~ Modoc


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