Appendix N Adventure Toolkits – Kickstarter Frustration!!!

In late spring 2012, I backed this kickstarter for DCC RPG modules, a slew of them at that. Maybe that should have been my first indicator that it was too good to be true. John Addams of Brave Halfling Games made some hefty promises, but all seemed on the up and up given that he was an established company, but all was not as it seemed at the time or even today! The estimated delivery date of the first batch was July 2012 and of today’s date I have received nothing and this is the case with many of the other backers.

In the intervening months, John has been pretty vocal about letting the backers know of his trials and tribulations. Some of which are very real and very heartbreaking. What has me pissed off is his in ability to acknowledge he was in over his head and his inability to seek viable ways to find solutions to the existing problems. He only solution for most of the issues was to add new backer exclusives that only made the problems worse and the delays longer. There have been more reports as of late of packages arriving to backers, but I am not going to hold my breath while I wait. Will I ever see shipment 1? Who knows! Will shipment 2 ever materialize? I doubt it.

~ Modoc

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  1. Jen says:

    Gotta stay on him. After a week of solid email badgering, he shipped the first pack to me back in February, which did contain a number of things. But the boxed set & other entended stretch goals….you may be right on those.

    Really makes me appreciate the KS philosophy from Goodman Games: “It’s already done, ready to print, and is coming out either way. This is just a way to make it more awesome.”


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