Gaming and Drinking! What are your thoughts?


Do you enjoy adult beverages when you play games? Recently I have noticed that more often than not those I game with are drinking beer and in some cases wine while we game. To be fair, I too enjoy a good beer with my gaming. I am interested in people’s opinion on this topic. Are you for or against adult beverages at the table when play a game with others? Does it enhance your game experience or detract from it?

Personally, I find that imbibing adult beverages (in moderation of course) enhances the RPG gaming experience. It allows us to be more creative and more open with our thoughts, actions and interactions. Those that come to the table with a shy type personalities seem to open up and blossom as gamers. I don’t imbibe every time I game, only periodically. The take away here is I believe it helps to loosen people up and can enhance the game for everyone.


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