VoIP Gaming – Gaming on a Global Scale

I’ve been contemplating writing a series of short posts relating to Voice Over IP (VoIP) gaming. I am still trying to formulate the best way to present the tips and tricks I have learned, but more importantly, gaming on a global scale.

Let’s start with expanding your horizons shall we? VoIP gaming utilizes the same technology that internet-based phone services like Magic-Jack or Vonage use. The only meaningful differences are there is no fancy hardware we need to buy or use and we are adding in video conferencing to the equation. In the end it all balances itself out and we end up with a stable conferencing (w/ or w/o video) platform for gaming! My Preferred VoIP interface is G+ Hangouts. I have found the interface and features are better than Skype or some of the other platforms out there. Biggest advantage to G+ Hangouts is the integrated video conferencing with bandwidth control.

Under the umbrella of expanding horizons, I would be remised if I did not talk about connecting with gamers on a global scale. Since I began VoIP gaming at Virtuacon 2013 I have played RPGs with folks from all over the world; from England to Finland, from California to Canada and many other places. In connecting with gamers on a global scale I have been to try new RPGs and play old favorites I would not otherwise be able to play with local gamers where I live. Some of the folks I have connected with have become regular players in some of the games I run and in other cases, I am regular in a game they run. Additionally, connecting to the global RPG community has allowed me to increase my gaming from maybe one game a month if I was lucky to at least four a week!

For those interested, VirtuaCon 2014 is October this year. Check out the following links for more information!
VirtuaCon Wiki at RPG Geek
VirtuaCon GM Sign-ups
VirtuaCon Google Community

Are you gaming on a global scale?

In my next post about VoIP gaming I will cover tips and tricks about G+ Hangouts and some of the built applications.


~ Modoc

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