3-Pack of Adventure Hooks

Here’s three story hooks for your Friday morning. Hope you find them thought provoking enough to inspire their further development for inclusion in your games.

1. The local eatery (restaurant or tavern) has seen a rise in its customer base due to the popularity of its food. Normally this would be great, but what the patrons don’t know is that the chef is in fact an otherworldly creature (in human form) that is tainting the food with a poison-like substance. This substance, which has a pleasant aroma and taste, causes the eater to fall in love with the food and want it on a regular basis. Even more sinister is the substance has a slow acting mind alternating  (some say mind melting) effect that causes madness which the elder Gods feed upon.

2. Think 1969, hippies are everywhere and the world is in a state of counter culture revolution, but why? Is technology running rampant and the masses want to remove technology from the world or is there a nefarious one-world organization that is creating havoc? Think in terms like these to define why there is a worldwide counter culture revolution.

3. Elhern, the local wizard, has always been a cheerful sort. He served his community with one purpose to ensure healthiness and security of the villagers. Elhern was recently approached by two men from out of town about joining their adventuring company so that all could seek fortune and fame. Elhern, initially refused citing his devotion to his community. In response to his refusal the two men vowed to make his life miserable and that of the village until he complied with their demands. Who is elhern? Why do them men want him to join their company?


~ Modoc

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