VirtuaCon 2014 is Around the Corner

I have had a lot of things on my plate lately, but of all things going on in my life, there is one thing that I am so looking forward to — VirtuaCon 2014. For those of you that no nothing about VirtuaCon, let me show you the light! VirtuaCon is a three day online RPG convention that is run by volunteers from RPG Geek and is run entirely through Google’s G+. The event takes place with the VirtuaCon community on G+ and uses the hangouts feature to enable audio and video (if you have a camera). Some GMs also use Roll20 as their virtual tabletop.

Last year was a lot of fun. I got the chance to play games with gamers from all over the world, many of whom I still game with regularly. I also got to try out some new RPGs that were great. I sat in on several of the various virtual panels that were held. This event has it all! RPGs, Panels, community building, gamer networking and much more. What’s not to love about that?

I know some of you may be intimidated by the technology that is used; fear not! I am able to assist everyone get comfortable with  just about every aspect of the technology that is used for VirtuaCon. Need help, just ask by using the form below.

If you interested in learning more, please check out the hyperlinks above and some of the links below. I hope to see you at the virtual table in October.

10-12 October
Located in Cyberspace

RPG Geek
VirtuaCon 2014 Wiki
GM Sign up thread

~ Modoc

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