Help me Choose an RPG to Run

I was looking over this list of games that are on my shelves, but I have never run them and in many cases never played them either. Which should I learn run for my VoIP group?  Lay it all out there, give me the good, the bad and the ugly! What would you want to play?

King Arthur Pendragon (5.1 Ed)
Adventures in the East Mark (D&D retro clone)
Dungeon World
Fate Core
D&D 5e
Call of Cthulhu
Early Dark
Hollow Earth Expeditions
Achtung Cthulhu
Weird Wars Rome (Savage Worlds)
Weird Wars WWII (Savage Worlds)
Cthulhu Invictus
The Laundry
Trail of Cthulhu
Victoriana (3rd ed)

~ Modoc

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