3-Pack of Adventure Hooks

Here’s three story hooks for your Friday morning. Hope you find them thought provoking enough to inspire their further development for inclusion in your games.

1. A Galvin family heirloom was stolen while in transit to their new residence by band of thieves. The heirloom is question is a brooch that will allow the wearer to become invisible.

2. A brothel on the outskirts of down, you the know the seedy part, is doing well and the owner is getting rich off other people’s vices. Strangely, every few months a local residence will disappear. The good folks of the town are not sure if there is connection between the disappearances and the brothel, or are they?

3. The local farmers are reporting sporadic killings and mutilations of their cattle and sheep. Coincidentally, a group a Gypsies have moved into the area and camping out in the outlying areas of the town. This group of Gypsies worships an evil God and mutilation of animals is part of their rituals.



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