Numenera – Revisiting an Awesome RPG

TM and © 2014 Monte Cook Games, LLC.
TM and © 2014 Monte Cook Games, LLC.

Last year at this time, Numenera was delivered to my door by the postal Gods. Thank you Monte Cook Games for on-time Kickstarter fulfillment. By the time the books had arrived I had already begun playing the game with some local friends at the FLGS. I enjoyed the short lived games immensely as a player. The action was great, the story innovative and exciting and best of all it was just down right fun! Well a year has passed since those days and I have yearned to play again. Sadly, that has not been in the cards although I am now taking up the mantles of Numenera GM for a VoIP game group. My most recent online VoIP game came to a natural conclusion and I have decided that it is time to run Numenera; a little urging from my 12 yr old helped as well.

As person who is not a fan of sci-fi, I was suprised that Numenera really appealed to me when it was on Kickstarter. I am more of a fantasy or historical guy myself. I think Monte Cook did a great job at blending science and fantasy together to create this sci-fantasy game. From day one I have never regretted taking the plunge with Numenera!

At the present time I have begun to reread the book and I am devouring every word written. The writing is so well done that, like a novel, reading it has me compelled to continue reading. I have yet to decide what story arc I will use for this group of would be Ninth Worlders. I have so many ideas running through my head, not to mention the adventures that are in the back of the book and the I also have the Devil’s Spine which is a set of five linked adventures. Oh, the fun we will have!

Look for more posts in the near future as I relearn the mechanics and begin the game.

~ Modoc

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