Numenera Blog Series Cut Down in its Prime

So, I starting writing an extensive series of blog posts related to the rules of Numenera as both as a way for me to internalize the rules and as a way to show off the rules so other people can see what it’s all about. While I was finishing up the secondly lengthy post of the multi-part series I decided to take a look at Monte Cook Games’ website to see if there was any published errata. In doing so, I found the limited third party licenses and this blog falls under the prevue of that license. While the limitations are not all that restrictive, the way in which I wrote the posts needs to be reviewed to ensure I am in compliance with the license. So, for now the Numenera blog series as I had envisioned it will not be published, but I will be contacting Monte Cook Games to ensure I fully understand the license before I do publish. More to follow in the very enar future.

~ Modoc

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  1. Just curious, why wouldn’t you fall under the Fan Use Policy? Blog and editorialized commentary and such shouldn’t be any issue at all. I say that as the owner of, where we publish tons of stuff under the FUP – blog and otherwise.

    The Limited License is really geared towards people wanting to sell or produce self contained content (e.g. – products, ebooks, PDFs, etc).


  2. modoc31 says:

    Sorry, I might not have been all that clear. I was referring to the FUP. The way the FUP is worded and the way my unpublished posts are presently worded is in violation of the FUP. The FUP states that you can talk about numbers and stats, but you can’t discuss the how those numbers are derived. The way I have written things thus far, reveals the calculations and how some numbers are derived as a way for me to internalize the process and as way to explain to others how the numbers work together.

    ~ Modoc


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