Brain Slugs from Planet X & Modern Floorplans – An Average Modern High School

Here’s a friend’s review of the same module/map set I reviewed a few weeks ago. While we both latched onto different things the end result is the same, it is a good product.

My friends over at Fabled Environments recently asked me if I would give a review to their new map set  “An Average Modern High School”  and the adventure made for the map set Brain Slugs from Planet X.  Brain Slugs from Planet X is an adventure by the guys from Silver Gryphon games for Savage Worlds. This is a Pulp B-Movie to the core. And the Savage World system complement’s this style of game well. That said when I picked up the PDF and looked at the cover it made me grin and think that there was a lot of potential here if they manage to hit it on the right notes.  As you begin to read they go straight to the well and start priming the pump with a good break breakdown of the origins of B-movies and the style of game that Brain Slugs from Planet X is, A…

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