Adventurers -1 Dragon – 0 — A Memorable D&D 5e Session

This week’s 5e game will be one of those sessions that will live on in my memory for many years to come. After decades of playing I finally got a chance to engage in combat with a Dragon. Ok, so it was a small one, but it was a formidable foe none-the-less. The party and I did a bang up job of issuing the wyrm an ass whopping, but it stilla ttempted to escape from the tower in which it resided. As the dragon scampered to the top of the stairs and was readying itself to take flight and flee from us, my Dwarven Cleric thought it was high time to put an end to this creature. I unleashed a Guiding Bolt spell using a second level slot and rolled a natural 20 on the attack roll! Not only did I score a hit, it was a critical hit! My rolls for the both the base spell damage plus the critical roll were as equally awesome and I dealt the wyrm the killing blow! It was awesome to roll 10d6 and deal almost 50 points of damage.

The way the entire scene played out from the ranger parlaying with the dragon to the way the fighter walked in with and offering of treasure in an attempt to distract the dragon the dragon long enough for the thief to sneak in from above and get the jump on the dragon through the use of an invisibility potion. As I said this was an event that will live on in my gaming memories for many years to come. I am looking forward to next week’s game session.

~ Modoc

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