Quality of Kickstarter Projects are Horrible These Days!

Early this year Kickstarter opened the flood gates for project submissions. They implemented a change in their policy to screen all project submissions before they were allowed to go live. The change removed the pre-screening, which in-turn allowed anyone to create projects. There in lies the current problem with the quality of these newer projects.

I have backed numerous projects and I am very cautious of what projects I choose to invest in. It should go without saying that everyone should be cautious. I was look at game related projects today and I stumbled one that is an absolute train wreck! The video tries to sell us on the idea that he needs money to pay artist for their time and talents, but he has no artist lined up. Further reading of the project page, down in the Risk & Challenges section, he declares “I hopefully will not need to pay testers, but it will take time to properly test, identify problems, re-write, balance, and re-test. Scheduling will be very important for me to stay on track for the project.” Really? You mean to tell me that no playtesting has happened yet? So, without playtesting and no artists waiting to work on this project you want me to invest my money? I think not! You can visit this train wreck here — Nine Card  Another example of a train wreck game is Death of a Stick Man. These are but only two examples; I have seen quite a few others since the change in policy.

I am all about bootstrapping a company and building it from nothing to something, but I’m sorry, you better have a solid plan and viable product before I will consider investing my hard earned money. I wish Kickstarter would reconsider implementing the pre-screening practice like they used to do.

~ Modoc

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