I Hate Your Game, What Are You Going To Do About It?

Have you ever found yourself faced with the possibility of having to play a game you really do not want to play? How do you handle the situation? For me, as I get older, I have found my taste and likes in games has changed, I think for the better, others say for the worse. Bottom line is, it is my choice to play those games that I enjoy and to not play those that I dislike for Picture1 whatever reason. When these situations arise, I tend to politely decline a seat at the table and will usually chat with someone else who is not playing the game as well. I sometimes find that some of the folks get offended to easily when i don’t want to play what they are playing. I usually shrug off the few comments,  but it does get frustrating. Don’t people understand that not everyone likes what they like? I fully appreciate individual tastes and I try hard not to be an ass towards those that decline an offer I may extend to them.

There are numerous games and genres I do not much care for and there are even some people I prefer to not game with. So, let me get this off my chest! The one game that I dislike playing is Pathfinder RPG and it’s crappy domineering organized play program.  The one genre I dislike is Deckbuilding games (boring!). I will refrain from naming names. So, what do you dislike and how do you avoid getting roped into playing? Get it off your chest, don’t be bashful. Free your gamer mind so you can enjoy your games more!

~ Modoc


6 thoughts on “I Hate Your Game, What Are You Going To Do About It?

  1. Amen brutha! I’m in my middle-heading-to-late age and I feel the same way.

    I’ve always been a picky gamer and if I don’t like the game folks are playing I don’t play. I’m just glad my default is Basic D&D.

    My dislikes:

    Pathfinder and any other fantasy game based on 3E D&D (Dungeon Crawl Classics I’m looking at you). I played 3E in the day and after I got into the OSR I swore I’d never play another fantasy D20 game. I think the system is just too heavy with record-keeping (I call it D&D for Bureaucrats). It’s funny, IMO the system works well with anything BUT fantasy (like Spycraft, Star Wars or M&M).

    Rolemaster – Nope. Too many charts. Again, too much record-keeping.

    RIFTS/TORG – Sorry, just don’t grok the genre.

    Any World of Darkness Game – Sorry, angsty, Machievellian creatures of the night and other types as PCs are a total turn-off to me.

    Dragonlance – If I want to ride on a railroad I’ll go Amtrak.

    That’s all I can think of for now. There may be others out there.

    AKA DM Glen
    AKA Ol’ Man Grognard


  2. DM Glen

    Thanks for the comment and your likes and dislikes. We have many of the same in both categories! I think the only one you mentioned that we really deviate from each other is the Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG. I do like this one, but at low levels. Still has the feel of my beloved early D&D without all the added crunchiness added on in higher level games.

    ~ Modoc


    • DM Glen

      Fair enough. It does smack of 3e in some ways. I still really enjoy the funnnel games. I find them the most fun to run and play in.



  3. I like the funnel. It suits the game. I also get the impression that DCC is way too deadly. I mean Old School D&D was deadly but DCC seems like it’s going out of it’s way to push that even further.

    On the plus side, the book has one of my favorite pieces of art by one of my favorite artists, Jim Holloway. Love that chicken-headed adventurer!

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    • DM Glen

      Spot on assessment! It is very deadly, but everyone I have run through any number of funnels has had a blast and really enjoyed the chaos that is the funnel.


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