Promoted to Developer – Charge to Glory

In a recent post I spoke about getting hired as game developer for a new game by designer Richard Berg, well I can now tell you that all the minutiae has been completed. So, with that being said, I am officially the Developer for Charge to Glory. Charge to Glory will be the fourth installment in the Glory Series that is published by GMT Games . The three previous titles in the series focused exclusively on the American Civil War, the fourth installment will be completely different by focusing on four battles from the Crimean War. I’m looking forward to helping Richard with this project! I will post more about the development process once I receive all the materials from the previous developer. The package should arrive soon.

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If anyone is the Southeastern U.S. and would like to try one or more of the battles for yourself, I will be running playtest sessions at BROGFest in January. If you’re interested in more information about BROGFest check out the follow sites.
BROGFest Facebook Group
ConSimWorld Group
BROGFest Warhorn (registration) Site


~ Modoc

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