In the Wake of VirtuaCon – AndreaCon Springs Forth!

In the wake of the “best three days in virtual gaming” Virtuacon fanatics still haven’t gotten enough. VoIP gamers and VirtuaCon attendees are clamoring loudly for more VoIP games; they just don’t want the fun to end! One VoIPer, Andrea, accidently commented over at RPG Geek that she had some free weekends in October and November that she wanted to fill up with more VoIP games. This one simple little request has exploded into what is being dubbed “AndreaCon“. VoIP gamers are jumping at the opportunity to play in more games and many others are getting onboard by offering to run more games as well. This is all very interesting!

I have elected to jump in with both feet as well. I am planning to play in a tremulus game and I am also planning to run the DCC RPG funnel game I ran at VirtuaCon for those interested in trying it. I guess this makes me one of the fanatics now doesn’t it? VoIPers unite!

~ Modoc

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