BROGFest 2015 – Organizing is in Full Swing

BROGFEST 2015 Logo The end of the year is coming fast and I have so much left to do to finish organizing BROGFest 2015. You’re not familiar with BROGFest? Well, if you are a wargamer, historical gamer or just like the company of great gamers at a small convention you need to know about BROGFest! BROGFest specializes in semi-organized and open play of wargames and historically themed games with a smattering of designer boardgames thrown in for good measure. Unlike most conventions we are very small and therefore we are also very casual. The caliber of gamers that attend is hands down the finest there is!

In January we’ll have a small number of semi-organized events like the annual Battles of the American Revolution tournament organized and run by the designer, Mark Miklos. We’ll also feature several playtest projects by established designers and some upcoming designers. There will be lots of pick up gaming opportunities all weekend long. We are looking into bringing in a vendor or two for 2015. So, as you can see there lots of irons in the fire, people to contact, and arrangements to be made.

We want you! Come join renowned game designer Richard Berg and I in Charleston, SC next January for 3 days of awesome gaming, networking and just great fun!

Here’s some useful links if you would like more info:
To Register:

~ Modoc

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