Kickstarter Radar Engaged! Sir They’re Everywhere!

I love the crowd sourcing efforts of Kickstarter and have backed several RPG projects over the last few years. What follows are some the current projects I am backing or that I am following because they look like something I may want to consider backing nearer to the end of their campaigns; pending funds availability. My wallet is not a fan of Kickstarter, but I usually win those wrestling matches; just don’t tell my wife!

I recently backed the Night Witches RPG Kickstarter by Jason Morningstar and published by Bully Pulpit Games. I have spent the last few days reading a backer-only draft of the rules and what a great game this looks to be. Even though I am relatively new to Apocalypse World and the world of AP hacks, the rules seemed tight and rather easy to digest and internalize. I also found the historical snippets that are all throughout the book to a great addition especially for a game that allows the players to retell and create new stories about a historical subject. The art is absolutely amazing!

The Dracula Dossier looks very appealing, but I have not played, nor do I own the Night’s Black Agent RPG. This keeps appearing on my G+ feed and I am so intrigued. Enough to back it and buy the Night’s Black Agent RPG? Maybe, just maybe!

Paranoia has always been a game that was highly recommended by many of my gaming friends over the years. What I need is someone to really sell me on this game and system and then I would likely pull the trigger.

I felt I need to throw a wargame into the mix. This game is designed by a gaming friend of mine and it looks like it is going to do very well overall. I personally like the historical time frame of the game and the mechanics seems really easy to learn. I might have to Bill a solid and back this project! Bill has designed a number of simple introductory wargames as well. Check out his company, Two Buck Games’ facebook page to learn more.

Puppetland? What the hell is this? No seriously, this looks weirdly interesting. It hits my G+ feed regularly and the buy in cost is relatively low when compared to some of the other projects in this list. I may just have to do this one!

Now this is one interesting, but it is ending in 41 hours. A new take on kobolds; not sure this is my cup of tea but I might just pull the trigger for the PDF.

There are other RPG and even some boardgame projects that pique my interest, but not enough for to really consider pulling the trigger. I will continue to watch all of them because who knows, my opinion may change!

~ Modoc

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