Dracula is Hunting Me! MI6 Where Are You?

Credit: Pelgrane Press Kickstarter Campaign
Credit: Pelgrane Press
Kickstarter Campaign

Calling MI6 agents, I need your help… I have been listen to the One Shot Podcast which features the Night’s Black Agents spanning four episodes (3 sessions and special feature). For those not in the know this is an actual play podcast of some 60 episodes that spans mainstream and not so mainstream RPGs. This particular Night’s Black Agent game they’re running features the Dracula Dossier which is currently on Kickstarter. These sessions of the Dracula Dossier are being run by none other than the author, Kenneth Hite himself. These episodes are very entertaining and fun to listen to. I highly recommend these particular episodes and if their other episodes are as good as these I’m in for treat. I want to publicly state I blame you Yohann D. for turning me on to this podcast, re-invigorating my interest in the game system and the kickstarter campaign. My wallet would like to punch you in throat; it and I are fighting with each other! Who’s going to win? I hope it’s me!!

I think I need to give the Gumshoe system a thorough play through right away. I currently own only Trail of Cthulhu and desperately want to get this to the table as either a player (preferably) or as the GM. I have a willing victim who is going to run a Fear Itself game later this month (Thanks Kai); this game also uses the Gumshoe system. I am looking forward to this game! So, who wants to run a Night’s Black Agent game?

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~ Modoc

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