Help Me Fill My Holiday Shopping List

I am looking to expand my RPG collection slightly with some new Indie titles or small press publications. I am really enjoying the small press games that are heavy on the storytelling and rich with style and solid mechanics. What can you recommend for my shopping list for the upcoming holiday season?

~ Modoc

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  1. Oh jeez, where to start? Well, I can only recommend games I recently found, whether or not they fit your description, but on that short list (aside from the awesome Dungeon World) is Atomic Highway from Radioactive Ape Designs. A fun, fun post apocalyptic game that really gives the Mad Max feel. Also the supplement Irradiated Freaks for more gonzo PA fun. They’re both free pdfs at Drive Thru but places like Troll and Toad does it POD. Or,if you’re a cheap bastard like me, print ’em out and slap ’em in a binder. Either way, a lot of good gaming there.

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    1. modoc31 says:

      DM Glen

      Thanks for the suggestions. Definately something I will look into. I do own Dungeon World and I am just starting to get into the AW Hacks. Good fun so far.



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