Psi*Run – Astral Farting and Murderhobos!

This morning I had the opportunity to play a fun little game called Psi*Run as part of Reluctant PandaCon. It’s a zany little game that focuses on a group of modern men and women who have some form of what is best described as a super power. Going into this game with that simple concept and a few a questions written on a piece of paper, hilarity and paranoia ensued!

The game forces you to attempt to answer these types of questions and more.
Who are you?
How can you do things no one else can?
Why are They chasing you?
What are you going to do?

The game begins with all the players being involved in some form of vehicular crash. Following the crash the players (us) have to try to keep one step ahead of those that are chasing the players. To do that, the players have to use their abilities and that alone is funny as hell! In particular, one player had the ability to astral project and we learned that the reason his watch alarm goes every 15 minutes is that if he doesn’t blow off some of the pent up astral energy bad things happen. Those bad things mean death for passersby, a sad day for the common folks!  The act of releasing some of this pent up astral energy was a brief trip on the astral plain. It was later referenced as his astral fart.

We found ourselves running throughout all of New York City trying to find out who we are and where we came from. In one scene we set a building ablaze and with quite a few casualties. It was during this scene that I attempted to use my telekinetic abilities to levitate the doctor that knew the answers to the above questions. Sadly, my rolls were horrible and a grabbed the wrong people. The two people that I levitated and was attempting to draw near were on fire and burning at a high rate. The worse part is that one of the women was an old love that was only revealed during this scene’s narration.

Mechanically, the game works on d6 die rolls and those dice get  assigned to outcomes in various categories. The die result is paired with the same number in one of the particular categories. The categories and the options within each are static and the genius of the system is that the player gets to assign the dice themselves and assign their fate. Options range from a successful action to horrific failure, learning the answer to one of your pre-game questions to your group getting captured and so much more! I know I am not doing the mechanics justice, just trust me on this one, they are solid and way simple!

In the end our characters murdered or hurt countless innocents and I got the feeling we were no better than murderhobos of old school gaming! All-in-all it was an excellent game with fun mechanics. I think I am going to have to buy a copy of this game to ensure I play it more and to write a proper review!

~ Modoc

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