Support your Local Game Store or Not?

Shane makes some good points in his most recent post about why you should or should not support a FLGS. He and I frequent some of the same game stores and we both believe that stores all over the world are similar to our local stores, both the good and the bad.

DorkTower1117Do I play at my local game store?

Yes I do. My son now also plays in a weekly game at our local store now.  We both play different games, with different Groups. I find this a good thing. If it was not for my local store, I don’t know  how long it might have taken my son to find a group. Because like many parents my son enjoys the games that I love so much. But he would rather play those games with other groups more his age. I get it. I am just proud that he is a gamer by his own choice.

So what do I play ?
Wargames are my game of choice on Tuesdays, And My son Plays RPG’s. I occasionally hang out and chat as I work on the games for my upcoming sessions for my home based games that I run every week or…

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