Let’s Game Together! Filling My Calendar

With the holidays fast approaching and with my already full gaming calendar, I still looking to plug in more games! Damn, I must be nuts, but I can’t get enough gaming in. Gaming, whether it be roleplaying games, boardgames, wargames, etc has become my way to escape the real world periodically. Work has been stressful lately as I begin a transition from one position to another in the coming weeks, my pending military retirement is looming and other life issues are rearing up. It is these things that drive me to drink! Wait, what? No, scratch that! It is these things that drive me to play games! See, now isn’t that better?

Gaming is a healthy way for me to decompress and in many cases to spend time with my son. Last night we finally got the chance to sit down and play a game of Kingsburg. It’s been some time since he and I had the chance to play a game together. Did you know 13 year olds have a busy social calendar? When the hell did this happen? I guess that is for another time…. Anyways, it was the playing of Kingsburg last night that is motivating me to look for other gaming opportunities to add to my calendar, might they be VoIP, vassal or face-to-face. Doesn’t matter to me the format of the game play, only that it is a game I want to play and I am playing it with good people! I guess that is the key to successful gaming, play what it is you want to play with good people you can relate to!

If you have some time and want to connect to play something just let me know by commenting on this blog or over at Boxcar Nation on G+. My laundry list of RPGs I would like play is here, I am open to other RPGs, wargames and boardgames (over vassal or face-to-face). Hell, I am up for whatever!

~ Modoc

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