Selling Games – How Would You Hand This?

Have you ever sold a game on an online? I’m sure many of you have. Now imagine that you posted your game on some site and then went to bed. By the time you woke up in the morning you had two emails from potential buyers. The first, agreed to the asking price. The second, said if the item is still available they would offer your 50% more than your asking price because they think you are asking less than fair value. What would you do?

I was reading a forum over that was related to their marketplace. In fact it was place to discuss marketplace issues or post questions regarding sales practices. This very scenario was presented and hotly Euro_banknotes_2002debated. Each person in this heated debate staked their claim as to which they would honor and why. Since I buy and sell and a lot of games, it got me thinking; what would I do?

To be honest, I have never run into this situation, but I would think I would do the honorable thing and accept the first offer since their email arrived first. Then again, I am also selling games to make money to then purchase new games and books. So, I might be inclined to accept the second email offer.

I am really torn on how I would handle it. What would you do? Is it all about the money or about doing the right thing? It’s time for you to weigh in.

~ Modoc

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