Product Review: Doll

Author: Josh Jordan
Artist: Josh Jordan
Publisher: Ginger Goat
Page Count: 2
Binding:  None
Available Formats: Postcard, PDF & Audio Book
Cost: Print-$4.00, PDF-$4.00 & Audio Book – $4.00
Company Website:

The doll knows all! This wierd two-player RPG pits the player who portrays a child whose pet has just died against the doll (the other player). The doll knows everything that goes on in the house, but is not always the most truthful. In the end the child player is trying to determine if their parents (not portrayed in the game) are evil or wonderful and in the end they will know whether the circumstances of the disappearance of the pet are fact or lie. There are other events that could be substituted as well.

I have had the opportunity to see both the physical product and the PDF. The later of which I own. The two-sided postcard is heavy and printed with rich colors and a gloss finish. Definitely well produced and a very nice presentation. The PDF is nothing more than the postcard in a digital format. The font and spacing make it very easy to read. I do not own the audio book format, but it is exciting that they produced this in a format for those with sight difficulties.

The mechanics of this game super simplistic. The child player will ask the doll a series of questions and on the count of three, both the child player and the doll with will look in a certain direction. If both players look the same way the doll will respond with the <REDACTED>. Given the nature of these simple rules I can’t elaborate any further. Suffice it to say, these rules are super simple and easy to internalize.

Super easy rules. Neat concept and a size that will fit in your pocket

The game, in its basic edition, is limited to two players. The idea of a doll controlled by the other player could be a put off to some gamers.

While I must admit I have not played Doll, I have watched several games being played at a convention this summer and the reactions by the players and passersby were mixed. Some thought it was too far out for them, but those that played commented that the experience was generally creepy; like heeby jeeby creepy. Some liked the experience while others did not. This may not be the game for you, but it could make a great pickup game if you don’t mind carrying around a creepy doll!

~ Modoc

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