Challenge Rating’s are BAD

Shane hits this one on the head. Challenge ratings have always been an issue for me. I am have an old school approach, fight when you need to fight and run when your going to get arse handed to you.

Runkle Plays Games

I am going to start today’s bog off with a statement that will surprise many and might even anger a few. Challenge Rating’s are bad plain and simple. There I said it. But why ? What is it about the challenge rating system that makes it a bad system?

Well to fully understand why the CR system is bad you have to take a few key points that have been ingrained into gamer’s all the way back to third edition D&D.  These systems were designed with the intent to help guide the GM to balanced encounters. To assist the GM in determining the amount of combats a party should be able to handle over the course of a day of adventuring.  But Somewhere the intent of the encounters got lost.  In 3rd Edition we were told four encounters per day of equal CR to the Party level should be a good…

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