Product Review: The Storyteller’s Thesaurus: Fantasy, History, & Horror

The Storyteller’s Thesaurus: Fantasy, History, & Horror
Author: James M. Ward & Anne K. Brown
Artist: Peter Bradley
Publisher: Chenault & Gray Publishing LLC.
Page Count: 551
Binding:  N/A
Available Formats: PDF
Cost: $14.99 (Currently on Sale for $5.99)
Company Website:

A thesaurus for every manner of writers, gamers, teachers and storytellers.

What sets this thesaurus apart from the more traditional versions we might purchase at the local bookstore is that this one is written by storytellers for storytellers! With that said, the themes that run throughout this large work are geared toward the storyteller and by proxy, gamers.

This 551 page thesaurus is presented in an unconventional manner that makes it easier to find alternative words when trying to replace those old and tired words. The author’s give the following answer this question on page 8.

The first thing to notice about this thesaurus is that it is arranged by subject, not alphabet. It is designed by storytellers for storytellers. When trying to picture a rural scene, it isn’t helpful to see the entries for forest followed by the entries forget, fork, and formal. It’s much more useful to find entries for terrain features, rocks, trees, plants, and weather all in one chapter. While browsing for forest features, other woodland details will become apparent to add depth to the scene.

The book is non-traditional in that is doesn’t present exact synonyms, but rather groups of words that are logically and rationally related and make sense together. It’s definitely an interesting way to present this type of information.  Here’s a few sample pages the publisher had made available when this book was a Kickstarter project.

Overall, the presentation and layout of the categories, themes and subthemes will allow any writer to quickly and coherently add depth to their work with ease. The time savings alone is a godsend for any writer.

I think this book is amazing! This is something I am going to employ in several ways that will enhance and expand my writing and gaming. This is a product that will surely pay dividends for every person that owns it.

~ Modoc

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