Pay to Play, What’s Your Thoughts?

Today, let’s delve into a slightly touchy subject for some gamers. Some, but not all game stores charge customers a small fee to play their games at the store. Some will go so far as to offer a discount or waiver the fee altogether if a customer makes a minimum purchase.  All three of my local stores charge, two charge $2 a person (unlimited time) and the third charges $5 during their monthly game night (store is not a dedicated game store). Everyone seems to have an opinion on this particular topic so, what’s yours?

~ Modoc

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  1. shane00mail says:

    If they are offering hundreds or sq.ft game space plus tabled and chair’s that’s literally show room space they are paying for so you can game there. I have no issue with that..often the table fees go directly back into upkeep of tables and chairs.
    Until the newer heavy weight folding chairs came out a few years back. Broken chairs were common place in the local large game store. Apparently gamers are brutal to chairs.

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    1. modoc31 says:

      Shane, I understand the need to maintain the space, pay for HVAC expenses and the like, but I believe that some other fee scheme could be devised instead of the “Pay XX to play”.

      For example, you state that the space is like a showroom. If that is indeed the thought process, why does a customer need to pay to play a game s/he just purchased? Don’t get me wrong I know there are those that will come in, buy nothing, and not want to pay for the table space and be there for hours on end. Those are the people that should be paying for the table space.

      Why not have a rewards card that encourages customers to buy product? As a reward they get table fees added to their card. They can then redeem the table fees the next time they want to play at the store.

      ~ Modoc


      1. shane00mail says:

        But showroom space still goes both way’s in the meaning. Yes I have always been of the mindset that if you want to be a successful game store. You must have play space for your customers to play your products. This helps move slower and lesser know titles if done right and guided with a delicate hand.
        But also consider that said show room is leased space taken at a loss most of the time by the store. On top of tables and chairs where other stores would use for products.
        It realy is a balancing act.

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      2. modoc31 says:

        Don’t get me wrong, I totally agree with you that it is a balancing act. One that must be delicately approached and managed. That all being said, gaming space is also a cost of doing business. Much like credit card processing. Store owners need us to come to their stores to play games with the hope and expectation that we will make at least one purchase while playing there each time.

        ~ Modoc


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