Rules – It’s Not Rocket Science!

Over the past week I have had the pleasure (used loosely) of reading many posts, once again, on social media sites from GMs that are upset that other people want to run games with the rules as written. Now, as a GM for nearly 30 years I fail to see the issue these folks keep bringing up and in some cases, whining about it. So what if I or anyone else wants to run a game with the rules as written! Maybe we are trying to learn the system or maybe it is new to market and we want to see what makes it tick before we tweak it. Nor do I care that you have a slew of house rules that you like  to use in your game. That’s your prerogative as it is mine to run my game with the rules as written. or as house ruled.

Let’s be honest here, it is not my place to bash anyone for using or not using house rules, nor do I do that. We all know about rule 0 from the early D&D games and it is something that has been reiterated in the rulebook’s of most RPGs. I guess what bothers me is some GMs with loads of house rules (pick a system, doesn’t matter) get upset that others don’t want to talk about their house rules and why they have them in the first place. We all have some little tweaks or things we don’t like about a particular rule set, that’s normal, but for those of you that a slew of house rules for a given game, why not publish your own game?

If you join a social media community (Facebook, G+, Etc) there should be room for everyone’s topics, but if not, look elsewhere. My advice, check out the threads or topics before you join a community. If you only see topics that pertain to the rules as written, chances are that your house rules are not something that will be welcome. The inverse is also true, if it is a group that is focused on house rules, don’t interject your favoritism for the rules as written. It’s not rocket science folks! Another option is to look at sites like RPG Geek or as a place to discuss whatever it is you’re wanting to discuss.

Bottom line, play the game however you want to play it, but don’t try to convince others that don’t agree with you. Lastly, don’t whine that others don’t like your position on the rules as written or house ruling a game. Hate the game, not the gamer!

~ Modoc

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  1. Jack says:

    Reblogged this on Tome and Tomb and commented:
    I pretty much concur. I think it mostly comes down to the individual, and the playing group.

    All of the theoretical internet arguments are mostly just gamist geekery.


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