Knights of the Dinner Table, My Secret Obsession

In no way am I a comic fanboy, but I have been reading two comics with religious zeal, Knights of the Dinner Table and Mousegaurd. I have been a fan of reading Knights of the Dinner Table long before it was its own stand alone comic book. The strips, then pages and now web strips are something I can honestly say I can’t live without! They captive and enthrall me  with the antics of imaginary gamers that more times than not, represent many of my own game sessions.

If you have not read this comic, you owe it to yourself to see what it’s about. Check out the we strip here. Jolly Blackburn is a genius with his stories and gamer situations. You’re still here? Did you at least click out the link and see what KODT is about? Good!

~ Modoc

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