Inspiration & Stringcheese

Inspiration strikes at the oddest moments. Here I sit in a local coffee shop with my iPad and my Burning Wheel Gold book with every intention to get some reading done. I fire up Pandora on the iPad while I check out facebook and Stringcheese Incident begins playing. This is the kind of music that grips your soul and say ” Hey! Open you mind sand soul.”

So, I open my soul and the music is giving me great ideas for a wide variety of themes for future RPGs. Not to shabby for one song. Music is by far the biggest inspiration for game ideas. Movies are number two. Reading? Not really, I read so much for work and reviewing books and modules for the blog that reading other stuff is limited to very little.

Inspiration is as beautiful thing is it not? ¬†Capturing that inspiration is what it’s all about. Tail Dragger by Wide Spread Panic also conjures up some great vivid images and ideas. God help my players!

I know we have talked about inspiration before, but name a song or musical score that was or is inspirational and how it impacted your gaming. Go!

~ Modoc

Ps. For those that play in my games, if you face natural disaster and obstacles you can blame Stringcheese Incident and Ben Harper. Fear the tail dragger too!

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