Kickstarter Watch: Shadows of Esteren – A Medieval Horror RPG: Occultism

If you have been reading the blog lately, I have been excited about the game Shadows of Esteren. So, go figure that they begin a new Kickstarter before I actually get a chance to play the game. Which by way, I am scheduled to join an ongoing campaign in January; just my luck! I am going to watch this campaign and I may just have to back this one. They do have an option to purchase all their previous books in PDF for $60. They would be a great addition to my Book 1.

~ Modoc


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  1. Nel says:

    Hello Modoc!
    Thanks for the nice word and your support 🙂
    Hope you will enjoy your campaign! You must tell us about it !!!

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    1. modoc31 says:


      Thanks for the post. I will be sure to tell blog readers about the my experiences with the rules, setting and my thoughts about the game. I am really looking forward to playing in January.

      Do you have any first time player tips?



      1. Nel says:

        You should take a look to the Book 0 Prologue as it is free on drivethru:–Book-0-Prologue

        You have a summary of the world and the rules (6 pages each) and it can be very helpful to begin your journey as a player or a game master. Also, there are three scenarios but only if you will the game master 🙂
        I am the author of those three and you can ask your questions about them on the official forum, in the game master section :



      2. modoc31 says:


        Many thanks! I have previously downloaded the Book 0 and have read it thoroughly. I have not ventured into reading the three scenarios since I will not be the gamemaster. I also have the forums bookmarked 🙂



      3. Nel says:

        You are welcome 🙂
        As a player, you should also check that, the character generator made by Pierstoval:

        Looking for your feedbacks of your game session!
        If your game master have any question, he can visit us on the forum.

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      4. modoc31 says:


        Thanks for the additional information!



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