Product Review: Dragons of Britain Magazine

Dragons of Britain Magazine
The Journal of Gaming in Arthur’s Britain
Steff Worthington
Publisher: Stygian Fox
Page Count: 64+
Binding:  N/A
Available Formats: PDF
Cost: Free!

The Dragons of Britain magazine seeks to bring, new, fan-created material Pendragon themed material to the masses. Each magazine features several articles, exposes and adventures for King Arthur Pendragon, The Age of Arthur and RuneQuest.  What’s not to like about new content for these games?

Presently there are four issues of this magazine available and each issue is laid out and published in a very professional manner. Let me be very clear here, this is not a ‘zine, it is truly a magazine! This would do well in a published form! Ok, so as you can tell I really like the presentation of this magazine. It’s tops in my book and should be a benchmark for all other magazines and ‘zines.

Table of Contents, Issue #3

Ok, moving on….. The content itself in the four issues varies greatly, but every issue and article therein are themed around the legends of King Arthur. The adventures are well crafted and very nice in their presentation. One of my favorite King Arthur Pendragon adventures (on my “to run” list) is The King of the Red City. The author, David Elrick, has created a great adventure that puts the players in the midst of a murder mystery. Furthermore, the adventure was inspired by an original idea from Sir Thomas Mallory.

The breadth and depth of the articles and scope of the adventures are quite spectacular for a magazine that is free! There is literally something for everyone within the pages of the four current issues.

I really enjoy reading the Whispers Around the Realm. This column features lots of great little plot hooks and ideas to weave into your adventures or to create a larger adventure around one or more of these hooks. Several of the earlier issues feature a Bibliophilia column with some really great reading recommendations to help give both GMs and players some thematic inspiration.

Even though I don’t play The Age of Arthur or RuneQuest, I still read the adventures and article that are specific to these games. They are well written and still provide some inspirational ideas for King Arthur Pendragon games.

Dragons of Britain #1               Dragons of Britain #2
Dragons of Britain #3               Dragons of Britain #4

If you’re a fan of Arthurian legends and/or play any of these games that this magazine supports, it’s perfect for you! I really like the content from cover to cover. This is one of the few magazines that I really look forward to each quarter. This is partly because King Arthur Pendragon is one of my favorite games and partly because the content is great. It is well worth the price!

~ Modoc

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  1. Steffon Worthington says:

    High praise! thanks, Modoc.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. modoc31 says:


      Thanks for the comment. I enjoy reading the the high quality content in the magazine and thought others might as well. Not to mention KAP is one of my favorite games.



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