Kickstarter Radar Engaged! Check Your Six!

There are several new and exciting Kickstarters that have peaked my interest. Not sure I can afford to back all of them, but some of them may get money. None-the-less I would like to do my part to help spread the word about some of the projects that I think are worthwhile.

Even though I have not had the chance to play Shadows of Esteren, I have fallen in love with the theme and setting. Looking forward to joining an ongoing campaign next month.

Ten Candles intrigues me! I am not sure what it is about the game that interests me. Maybe it’s the uniqueness of the candles, maybe it is just the horror theme.

You know I love Old School Fantasy, Enter–The Folio! i hope this one gets its funding and is able to produce not just the first part, but all six parts in the story arc.

Castles and Crusades, another old school inspired RPG system that has a huge following.

On the boardgame front, there is nothing this go round that is exciting me! Maybe one of these days someone will create a boardgame campaign that I will throw my money at!

~ Modoc

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