Product Review: The Twelve Monsters of Christmas

The Twelve Monsters of Christmas
A Holiday Celebration for Monsters and Other Childish Things
 Benjamin Baugh and the Ivey Family
Artist: Robert Masperger Jr.
Publisher: Arc Dream
Page Count: 14
Binding:  N/A
Available Formats: PDF
Cost: Free!
Company Website:

A collection of 12 holiday inspired or at least holiday themed monsters that appropriate for the RPG Monsters and Other Childish Things. These ghoulish baddies run the gamut! They are all freaky and really cool.

Spice up your  games of Monsters and Other Childish Things this holiday season with some great holiday themed baddies!

Nothing to see here, keep moving!

This is not my typically review. How does one argue that the baddies in a free product for use with a kids-themed horror game are bad? Quite the contrary, these baddies are quite badass! If you are fan of Monsters and Other Childish Things, you should grab this! Thanks to Arc Dream for re-releasing this product this holiday season; now with art too! Link is above, grab it!

~ Modoc

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