It’s A Wrap! 2014 Comes to an End

This has been an amazing year! Not only in terms of what I have learned from writing this blog, but also the sheer amount of games I have been able to play this year. The most amazing thing has been the awesome people I have gotten to meet and game with over the last year. To all of you, thank you for the amazing games and memories!

I have learned many lessons about writing, reviewing and general editorial practices. All of which will allow me to continue to evolve the blog in positive directions that will be, both satisfying for me as a writer and more entertaining and insightful for you as the reader. I did not set any quantitative goals for 2014 and now I really wish I had. Oh well, a little too late now, but I am very surprised and please with the overall quality of the content published here. I have laid out a few goals for 2015, but you’ll have to wait until tomorrow to read what those are.

Here’s a little summary of what we accomplished:
169 Posts on the blog
136 Comments on the blog
21 Reviews Published
Connected with gamers from 46 countries
Set the Defender Gaming Initiative into motion

So, how did I fare in the 2014 RPG Challenge: Play Five RPGs You Have Never Played Before (Each At Least Once)? See for yourself!

New Games Played:
d10-1 Monster Kart Mayhem (RPGG Contest Entry) – PbF Began on 13 April 2014
d10-2 King Arthur Pendragon: Edition 5.1 – PbF Began on 15 May 2014
d10-3 Dungeons & Dragons Roleplaying Game Starter Set – Weekly VoIP Began on 9 July 2014
d10-4 Lamentations of the Flame Princess (Grindhouse Edition) – 8 August 2014 – Antigencon
d10-5 HackMaster (4th Edition) – VoIP campaign begun 19 August 2014
d10-6 The Quiet YearPBF begun on 27 September 2014 VOIP on 25 October 2014
d10-7 Numenera – Gm’ing a short story arc myself – Began on 28 September 2014
d10-8 Mouse Guard Roleplaying Game – VoIP one-shot on 4 October 2014
d10-9 Silent Memories – VirtuaCon
d10-1 d10-0 Monsters and Other Childish Things: The Completely Monstrous Edition – VirtuaCon
d10-1 d10-1 Lacuna Part I. The Creation of the Mystery and the Girl from Blue City (Second Attempt) – VirtuaCon
d10-1 d10-2 Fudged Mouse Guard – VirtuaCon
d10-1 d10-3 A Penny for My Thoughts – PbF begun on 15 Oct 2014
d10-1 d10-4 The Extraordinary Adventures of Baron Munchausen – VoIP one-shot 16 Oct 2014
d10-1 d10-5 Carolina Death Crawl – VoIP one-shot 25 Oct 2014 – Reluctant PanadaCon
d10-1 d10-6 Kingdom – VoIP one-shot 25 Oct 2014 – Reluctant PanadaCon
d10-1 d10-7 Fiasco – VoIP – 27 Oct 2014 – Reluctant PanadaCon
d10-1 d10-8 The Sprawl – VoIP – 8 Nov 2014 – Reluctant PanadaCon
d10-1 d10-9 Of Dreams and Magic (ODAM) – Kickstarter Demo Game – 8 Nov 2014
d10-2 d10-0 Sci-Fi Beta Kappa – 10 Nov 2014 – Reluctant PanadaCon
d10-2 d10-1 Psi Run – 15 Nov 2014 – Reluctant PanadaCon
d10-2 d10-2 Dragon Age – 22 Nov 2014 – Reluctant PanadaCon
d10-2 d10-3 Fear Itself – 23 Nov 2014 – Reluctant PanadaCon
d10-2 d10-4 tremulus – 30 Nov 2014 – Reluctant PanadaCon
d10-2 d10-5 Ruins of the Undercity – 3 Dec 2014 (solo/multi-player based on B/X or LL)
d10-2 d10-6 Spin the Beetle – PbF Begun on 4 Dec 2014
d10-2 d10-7 Hollow Earth Expedition – 21 Dec 2014 – Reluctant PanadaCon
d10-2 d10-8 What You Wish For – 27 Dec 2014 – VOIP

I’m very proud of these accomplishments as well! Without tools such as G+ Hangouts and Roll20, this would not have even been remotely possible locally. I hope next year will end with a similar result. Time to head out and enjoy ringing in the New Year. Hope

Time to head out and enjoy ringing in the New Year with my family and friends.  Please be safe and we’ll see you next year!

~ Modoc

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